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    Steel farm

    Steel farm

    Steel farm


    Steel structure building is a new type of prefabricated steel structure barn. The main steel frame is formed by linking up H-section, Z-section and U-section steel components while roof and wall using a variety of panels. It meets the requirement for the sheep pan perfectly in terms of the strength. The load bearing parts are mainly steel structures, including steel columns, steel beams, steel structural basements, bracing systems for wall and roof. The Main Structure is usually made of Q345 Steel while the purlins and bracing system are made of Q235 Steel. They are the most common steel materials used for china steel structure workshop in China.


    2.The detail material for the steel structure
      The steel structure material is included the H section,I section,Square tube,Circular Tube,Floor decking steel sheet,C section,Z section,Angle iron , Steelbar ,Steel plate .



    2)I beam

    Hot rolled ordinary joist steel, also called steel beam, is strip steel with I-shape section.
    Hot rolled I-shape beams can be divided into common i-steel and light beams. 

    Common i-steel 
    Main purpose: Ordinary beams are widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, support and machinery, etc. 

    Light beams 
    Flange of common i-steel and light beams are gradually becoming thinner from root to the edge with certain angle. Compared with ordinary beams, hot rolling light beams has wider leg and thinner waist in same wait height conditions. Guaranteed the bearing capacity, the light beams have better stability, metal saving and better economic effect than ordinary beams. 
    Main use: The same with ordinary beams, it is mainly used in factories, Bridges and other large structures and vehicle manufacturing, etc.


    3、Product detials

    1.Opinions 1)We can supply all kinds of steel structures, steel building, metal building, modular house, steel frame for warehouse, workshop, garage etc, steel beams, other riveting and welding parts.
    2)We can also make and develop new parts according to customers' drawings and detailed dimensions.
    2. Specifications 1) Size: MOQ is 200m2, width X length X eave height, roof slope
    2) Type: Single slope, double slope, muti slope; Single span, double-span, Multi-span, single floor, double floors
    3) Base: Cement and steel foundation bolts
    4) Column and beam: Material Q345(S355JR)or Q235(S235JR) steel, all bolts connection! Straight cross-section or Variable cross-section
    5) Bracing: X-type or V-type or other type bracing made from angle, round pipe, etc
    6) C or z purlin: Size from C120~C320, Z100~Z200
    7) Roof and wall panel: Single colorful corrugated steel sheet 0.326~0.8 mm thick, (1150 mm wide), or sandwich panel with EPS, ROCK WOOL, PU etc insulation thickness around 50 mm ~ 100 mm.
    8) Accessories: Semi-transparent skylight belts, Ventilators, down pipe, Galvanized gutter, etc
    9) Surface: Two lays of Anti-rust Painting
    10) Packing: Main steel frame without packing load in 40'OT, roof and wall panel load in 40'HQ
    3. Design Parameters If you need we design for you, pls supply us the following parameter together with detail size
    1) Live load on roof (KN/M2)
    2) Wind speed(KM/H)
    3) Snow load (KG/M2)
    4) Earthquake load if have 
    5) Demands for doors and windows
    6) Crane  (if have) , Crane span, crane lift height, max lift capacity, max wheel pressure and min wheel pressure!



































     Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has professional designers who are able to R&D and various houses. Most of them have three years of working experience on steel structure design industry line. Our company adopts many advanced domestic and foreign design software to draw blueprint design, perspective view, construction drawing and detail drawing to meet requirements from different customers. At present, we have designed and produced plenty of foreign steel structure projects successfully and won high praise from overseas customers.



    7.Application range-Industry

    Industry steel structure included warehouse,workshop,garage,hangar,platform.
     Steel structure features of high fire resistance, strong corrosion resistance. Industry steel structure warehouse usually made of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components of the composition; each component using welds, bolts or rivets to connect. The usage scale includes large-scale workshop, or used for the warehouse, supermarkets, entertainment centers and modular steel structure garage.


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