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    Steel dairy Design

    Steel dairy Design

    Steel dairy Design


    Steel structure building is a new type of prefabricated steel structure barn. The main steel frame is formed by linking up H-section, Z-section and U-section steel components while roof and wall using a variety of panels. It meets the requirement for the sheep pan perfectly in terms of the strength. The load bearing parts are mainly steel structures, including steel columns, steel beams, steel structural basements, bracing systems for wall and roof. The Main Structure is usually made of Q345 Steel while the purlins and bracing system are made of Q235 Steel. They are the most common steel materials used for china steel structure workshop in China.


    2.Product Detail information

    1)Steel Structure Panel material
    The steel structure panel material included EPS sandwich panel,Rock wool sandwich panel,PU sandwich panel,fiber-glass ,steel sheet.


    Steel structure panel material: including wall panel and roof panel
    Sandwich core materials: EPS, PU, rock wool, glass wool
    Thickness of sandwich panels: 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm
    Single color plate material thickness: 0.376mm, 0.426mm, 0.476mm

    1)Z-Section Sheet
    Z steel is common cold bending thin-wall steel, whose thickness is commonly between 1.6-3.0mm, section heights between 120-350mm. Processing materials is hot rolled (paint), galvanized. It is processed according to perform standards. Z steel is usually applied in large steel structure factory building.


    2)Hot rolled I-shape beams can be divided into common i-steel and light beams. 

    Common i-steel 
    Main purpose: Ordinary beams are widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, support and machinery, etc. 

    Light beams 
    Flange of common i-steel and light beams are gradually becoming thinner from root to the edge with certain angle. Compared with ordinary beams, hot rolling light beams has wider leg and thinner waist in same wait height conditions. Guaranteed the bearing capacity, the light beams have better stability, metal saving and better economic effect than ordinary beams. 
    Main use: The same with ordinary beams, it is mainly used in factories, Bridges and other large structures and vehicle manufacturing, etc.


    3.Product Details

    Usage Steel Structure workshop,warehouse,office or so on.
    Size length*width*high, and the ridge height, slope
     Standard  China Standard,England Standard,America Standard or Australia Standard(please supply the detail date)
    Crane Do you need the crane?If you need please tell me the loding.
    Country Which country that the building will be?
    Design load Wind speed, Snow load, Earthquake
    Wall and Roof Steel sheet or sandwich panel
    Insulation Fiber glass, EPS,Rock wool,PU,please tell me the thickness
    Surface Painted (alkyd paint or Epoxy paint) ,Hot dip galvanize
    Window Quantity, material, dimension (W*H) and position
    Door Quantity, material, dimension (W*H) and position
    Accessories Down pipe, Out gutter, Ventilator, skylight etc.



















    Steel structure is mainly composed of steel column, steel beam, steel frame and the rigid support and so on, so steel structure component volume is larger, The mainly transportation for export is as follow:
    1)40'HQ and 40'open top container
    In general, after customer order, our engineering technology department design the steel structures will be according to the 40 'HQ and 40' open top container inside size      to design the shipment, in most cases, we use 40 'HQ and 40' open top shipping container shipment to pack steel structures.


    2)Break bulk
    At special circumstances, some large construction size will be more than 40 'HQ and 40' open top containers internal dimensions, we suggest customer use trucks, flatbed trailer etc to transport the large construction component to the pier from the factory, then ship by port lifting, so while booking space,customers should book the break bulk. We will cooperate with the customer to provide them the size and weight of the goods, in order to book a reasonable space.
    When components are shipped to the site, due to various reasons of transport may cause component deformation (generally for bending, damage to the paint film, etc.), can be in the scene to correct, at present the correction method is generally divided into cold straightening and hot straightening.
    For bending component, do the mechanical gagging with oil pump, also can use flame (C2H2 and pure oxygen mixed) to the hot straightening, after correction, the paint film that damaged must be repaired.


    5.Guidance installation 
      Shengbang Steel Structure Company can supply the guidance installation service.Usually steel structure building is a large installation engineering. If customers may need the professional technical engineer to supervise the installation on site overseas, the customer must to inform before 1 months from leave the China . But customer should coordinate with us for following aspects:
    Customer should provide:
      1) Translator or assistant on site.
      2.)All costs raised including: 
           A. visa fee 
           B. Round trip flight ticket 
           C. Accident insurance for the supervisor during the period 
           D. Accommodation 
           E. Daily meals 
           F. Internet 
           G. Local traffic fee (if any)
     3) The customer should pay the engineer with supervision fee, which can be  negotiated and decided by both.
     4)Customer has the responsibility to provide necessary security system to protect the supervisor, especially in some unrest countries.
    There have some guidance installation picture:


    6、Application range-Industry

    Industry steel structure included warehouse,workshop,garage,hangar,platform.
     Steel structure features of high fire resistance, strong corrosion resistance. Industry steel structure warehouse usually made of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components of the composition; each component using welds, bolts or rivets to connect. The usage scale includes large-scale workshop, or used for the warehouse, supermarkets, entertainment centers and modular steel structure garage.


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