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    Safety inspection and appraisal of steel structure engineering

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    Steel structure engineering is more and more widely used in the field of architecture. Steel structure factory is one of the primary factory forms that many enterprises can choose for production. Due to historical reasons, there are many steel structure industrial plants without formal planning, construction and supervision, which are being used in large quantities. There are great structural safety hazards. In order to ensure the structural safety of the factory, it is particularly important to determine the structural safety against this phenomenon.

    Different from ordinary reinforced concrete buildings, steel structure buildings have higher stability requirements. According to incomplete statistics, 9 of the 10 buildings that have experienced structural safety accidents in the past decade are steel structures. It can be seen that the accident rate of steel structure buildings is very high. The root of the problem is that steel structure buildings have light weight, large span, weak wind resistance and lateral displacement resistance, and high stability requirements, while domestic construction processes are uneven, The construction is often carried out blindly and recklessly. The construction experience of reinforced concrete is copied into the steel structure, resulting in accidents such as deflection, excessive deformation and even collapse. Therefore, the steel structure buildings should be strictly required, constructed according to the plan, and should be inspected or completed by a professional testing company throughout the whole process. After completion, they should also be observed regularly, generally once every ten years, to closely observe the building development.

    As we all know, the first problem of steel structure is focused on the stability of the upper structure, the strength of the components and the stability of the foundation. We start with the combination of these three points, and understand the important position of these three points in the safety judgment of the steel structure plant from the shallow to the deep in combination with the judgment order.

    The stability of steel structure can be divided into the stability of the whole structure and the stability of the component itself. The overall stability of the structure, in the longitudinal direction of the structure, mainly depends on the support system of the structure, such as the inter column support of steel columns, the horizontal support and vertical support of the upper and lower chords of the steel roof truss. Whether the support system can reliably transfer the longitudinal horizontal load of the structure (wind load, seismic load, plant crane load, etc.). The transverse direction depends on the rigidity of the structure itself (frame or bent), and the structure itself can reliably transfer the horizontal load of the structure. The stability of the member itself is mainly guaranteed by the stiffness of its components. It is necessary to ensure that the member itself and its components (bars or plates) do not buckle under load and lose stability (this situation is mainly caused by compression or bending members).

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