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    Wide range of uses of steel structures

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    With the increasing requirements for the quality of the built environment, many production-oriented steel structure warehouse supplier have begun to use steel structures as load-bearing structures in order to meet the needs of the market, gradually replacing traditional concrete buildings, which is also the development direction of future buildings.

    Steel structure plant mainly refers to the load-bearing components are composed of steel, compared to brick-concrete structure buildings, in the construction period, cost, materials, environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency, factory production and other aspects have obvious advantages, compared with the traditional steel structure building, construction is convenient, the construction period is short, greatly saving the enterprise cost.

    In terms of safety and service life, steel structure warehouse is higher than the traditional steel-concrete structure warehouse, steel structure warehouse all materials cross section area is small, easy to install and transport, has a large space, large span, wind and earthquake, rain and leakage, ventilation and moisture and other excellent performance. And the steel structure warehouse is suitable for a variety of industries, production and processing industry, logistics storage, aquaculture, greenhouse planting, etc., but also widely used in restaurants, stadiums, airports, large markets, leisure and vacation places.

    1.Industrial warehouse
    The production and processing industry steel structure warehouse includes food, light industry and industrial class. Steel structure warehouse structure safety, light weight, high strength, can achieve the modern industrial warehouse required for large space and other building function requirements, prefabricated construction period is short, low cost, easy to maintain, superior building performance, comprehensive economic benefits are significant; Suitable for most industries used as production and processing plants, the building has a simple and beautiful appearance.

    2. Logistics warehousing
    Logistics storage steel structure warehouse, internal set steel structure platform, shelf platform, attic shelves, with forklifts and hydraulic lifts to access goods, can make full use of warehouse space.

    3. Large span structure
    Steel structure warehouse will also be used in some large warships or aircraft locations, such as: aircraft assembly rooms, aircraft hangars, terminals, auditoriums, sports venues, bus stations, exhibition halls, exhibition centers and other large-span structures. Taking aircraft maintenance as an example, in the process of aircraft maintenance, it is necessary to test the stability of the fuselage and wings in the form of air convection. In the construction of modern warehouse, steel structure warehouse can meet the requirements of air convection, which makes steel structure warehouse have a very important position in the aviation industry.

    4. Breeding and animal husbandry
    The steel structure warehouse of the aquaculture industry includes the poultry steel structure breeding warehouse and the livestock steel structure breeding warehouse. Poultry steel structure breeding warehouse such as: chicken coop, duck coop and goose coop; Animal steel structure breeding warehouse such as: pig house, sheep house, cow barn and steel structure pasture. Compared with the traditional concrete breeding warehouse, all the components of the steel structure breeding warehouse are prefabricated in the factory, and the site only needs to be simple assembly. Therefore, the structural performance is good, in the case of earthquakes, typhoons and other disasters, the steel structure can avoid the collapse of the farm damage, the quality of the steel structure is relatively light, can reduce the collapse of the injury and other casualties.

    5. Greenhouse planting industry
    The prefabricated steel structure warehouse of the greenhouse planting industry includes vegetables and flowers and Chinese herbal medicine planting. In recent years, the development of greenhouse planting industry has promoted the good development of light steel structure greenhouses. Light steel structure greenhouse has the advantages of high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, fast construction speed, small construction project, land saving, high degree of factory production, beautiful appearance, etc., equipped with insulation system, cooling system, ventilation system, control system, irrigation system, etc., to minimize the limitation of time and space, and help production.

    In the 21st century, prefabricated steel structure will occupy a broad construction market. With the vigorous development of economic construction, energy conservation and industrialization oriented steel structure buildings have increased demand for more high-rise buildings, Bridges, large public places and new smart communities, which provides more opportunities for the development of steel structure. Steel structure building is replacing the traditional structure building in people's life at a faster rate.

    From the development trajectory of steel structure buildings in developed countries, combined with the reality of China, it is not difficult to see that the development prospects of steel structure workshops in China are bright, but there will be many characteristics different from those of developed countries. Compared with other structures, the reinforced concrete structure has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, superior plasticity and seismic resistance, saving materials and simple construction. Used in high-rise buildings, these characteristics have been outstanding for a long time, and China has taken the lead in this field. In addition to the widespread application of lightweight steel structures in large-span single-county factories, it will be widely used in residential buildings and small and medium-sized multi-storey public buildings in the future. According to statistics, in the last few years of the twentieth century, the construction of urban factories in China developed rapidly at an annual completion area of 440 million square meters and a total output value of 600 billion yuan (accounting for about 9% of GDP), and this industry has become a new cross-century growth point in the national economy. The steel structure workshop building system with its structural components light, high degree of prefabrication, so that the implementation of design standardization, stereotyping, construction mechanization, assembly production factory, short construction period and other advantages, in the building materials market to show its broad application and development prospects, become one of the main systems to replace the existing brick reinforced mason structure workshop: small and medium-sized buildings are large and wide, the development of light steel structure for resources, energy are very scarce in our country is of great significance. In the future, China's domestic steel structure is still developing to the following aspects:

    1. Energy construction will be accelerated, and the amount of steel used in the main plant and boiler steel frame of thermal power plants will increase (including pots for nuclear power plants, wind power grids, etc.).

    2. Bridge dyeing in traffic engineering will increase, railway bridges use steel structure, and in recent years, meter highway bridge dyeing is used
    Steel structure has become the beginning of development, such as Shanghai Gaudi, Luhai, Lujiang Bridge stop, etc.

    3. The amount of steel structure used in urban construction has increased, especially for subway and rail projects.

    4. Steel structure workshop will increase, the state advocates the construction of energy-saving and land-saving workshops, the design specifications and supporting technologies of steel structure workshops, and the materials are basically available. A few days ago, there are only a few steel structure workshops in China, but developed countries have reached 80-90% of the total, because China's steel prices are lower than international prices, the cost of aromatic power is low, the production and construction quality of steel structures is excellent, and it has strong competitiveness in the international engineering market.

    Although the development of industrial buildings has been gradually improved, steel structure warehouse manufacturers need to continue to innovate and improve in industrial building design. With the rapid spread of high-tech industrial zones, the advent of the network information age, the continuous growth of the knowledge level and professional skills of industrial building users, the continuous shortening of product production and upgrading cycles, which pose new challenges to industrial buildings and industrial building environment design, we should continue to summarize and learn in daily practice to contribute to this industry.

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