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    Installation Guidance

    Usually steel structure building is a large installation engineering. Some customers may need SBS assign the professional technical engineer to supervise the installation on site overseas. To such situation, customer should coordinate with us for following aspects:

    Customer should provide:
    1. Translator or assistant on site.
    2. All costs raised including:
        A. visa fee
        B. Round trip flight ticket
        C. Accident insurance for the supervisor during the period
        D. Accommodation
        E. Daily meals
        F. Internet
        G. Local traffic fee (if any)
    3. The customer should pay the engineer with supervision fee, which can be negotiated and decided by both.
    4. Customer has the responsibility to provide necessary security system to protect the supervisor, especially in some unrest countries.

    SBS assigned supervisor overseas should pay attention on followings:
    He shall pay attention on personal safety, improve safety awareness, enhance self-protection, etc. He shall not engage in any activities that violate any local country laws and regulations. He shall respect local religion, nationality, customs. He shall not have any racial discrimination. He shall consulate the local police and China's local ambassador, seeking for help and assistance in any accident or emergency conditions.

    Supervisor has the responsibility and obligation to assist customer solving the on-site installation problem, basing on the principle of friendly cooperation. If encountering any critical problems being unsolved locally, he shall report to SBS head office in time. A final decision or solution should be made by SBS and the customer through negotiation and discussion.

    Supervisor shall maintain his personal professional ethics image, for sake of company's benefit and mutual cooperation, he shall not do anything that damage the company image and national citizen image.

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